§ 37-8. Fees and zones  

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  • (a) The following are the maximum fees that any licensee shall charge for a non-consent rotation tow in the city, subject to the exceptions set forth in subsection (b) below:

    Abandoned vehicles, regardless of the zone .....$125.00

    Abandoned vehicles requiring a heavy-duty tow, regardless of the zone .....300.00

    Zone 1 .....115.00

    Zone 2 .....125.00

    Over the seawall .....250.00

    In the water .....250.00

    Heavy duty—Zone 1 .....250.00

    Heavy duty—Zone 2 .....300.00

    Motorcycles regardless of the zone .....135.00

    (b) The following are exceptions to the above standard fees:

    (1) If a heavy duty vehicle tow service is called and the pick-up requires the unloading of a combination vehicle or multiple heavy duty wreckers to clear a scene, the licensee or tow truck driver shall immediately notify the officer on the scene that the pick-up is exceptional. The on-scene officer shall ask dispatch to notify the compliance officer, his designee or patrol sergeant to approve the exceptional tow status. Upon approval, the officer shall note "exceptional" on the driver's towing form.

    (2) If a heavy duty tow truck is needed to tow an abandoned vehicle, the on scene officer shall call the compliance officer or his designee to the scene. If the compliance officer, or designee, determines that a heavy-duty wrecker is required, the compliance officer or designee shall call for the next-out heavy duty.

    (3) Exceptional heavy duty tow rates:

    a. Shall include the above applicable zone rate;

    b. Two hundred dollars ($200.00) per hour (with a one-hour minimum) to prepare the vehicle, the trailers and load for safe towing; and

    c. A maximum of twelve and one-half cents (12.5¢) per pound of the actual weight of the load and vehicle, including any trailers. The weight will be determined by certified weight scale receipts for such loaded vehicles and trailers.

    (c) Zones.

    (1) Zone 1 is defined as east of 103rd Street, to the Causeway, and Pelican Island.

    (2) Zone 2 is defined as 103rd Street, and every street west of 103rd Street and outside of city limits as state law allows.

    (d) Companies shall not charge a storage fee that exceeds the maximum allowable under state law.

    (e) In the event the vehicle owner or operator desires to have the vehicle towed to a destination outside the city municipal boundaries, the tow truck company, agent, representative or driver may negotiate a price with the vehicle owner or operator to tow to the destination.

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