Part I. Charter City Of Galveston, Texas  

Article I. Incorporation, Form Of Government, And General Powers
Article II. The Council
Article III. Elections
Article IV. Initiative, Referendum And Recall
Article V. Administrative Organization
Article VI. Municipal Court
Article VII. Finance
Article VIII. Taxation
Article IX. Personnel
Article X. Planning
Article XI. Franchises And Public Utilities
Article XII. Galveston Wharves
Article XIII. Succession In Government
Article XIV. General Provisions



In order to establish a municipal government which will preserve and protect the God-given and lawful rights, and the equal status under the law, of every citizen, regardless of race, creed, or political affiliations, which will attract able and sincere persons to the public service, and which will protect our natural resources, and which will ensure the proper and efficient expenditure of the public funds, the people of this community, exercising their rights of self-government and affirming their beliefs in those principles do ordain these provisions for the Charter of this City.

(Ord. No. 91-95, § 3(1), 11-14-91)